ERP Clinic

"Don't automate an undisciplined workflow. The computer won't solve what the customer's management can't." - Larry Bernstein

We are "Doctors" on monitoring and curing ERP Implementation Health in the domains that we have expertise, on ANY ERP product. The term "ERP Failure" is very seldom heard now a days, not because ERP Failures do not happen, but because neither the company nor the ERP Providor wants to be tagged in the community with an ERP Failure.

We have the experience to "Doctor" your ERP Implementation Health if the implementation is going on for a long time (ERP Implementation Time Over runs) or the ERP is unable to give you the desired results and the feeling starts to sink in that ERP was a mistake.

We take pride in offering our services on the following:

  • Identifying the causes of an ERP Failure.
  • Identifying and Quantifying the ERP status.
  • Moderating between the company users and the ERP consultants.
  • Listing the remedial action and procedures for putting ERP implementation back on track.
  • Ensuring execution of the remedial actions.
  • Audit of the actions post success.