ERP Program Consulting & Management

"In dealing with customers, you must understand that there are things they want and things they need. A successful project manager distills the needs from the wants and satisfies them while delivering the system at reasonable cost." --Larry Bernstein

We at Tanaashi have a vast and a varied experience of working in various industry verticals and understanding the industry changing needs and requirements. We collaborate with the clients and after understanding their requirement become a part of their team and help them in the ERP identification and Process Re engineering fields. The service typically includes:

  • Studying and mapping "As Is" business process of the enterprise.
  • Collating functional and technical requirements for the above mentioned functions.
  • Developing RFP
  • Developing framework for the analysis of the packages.
  • Conducting vendor evaluation and clarification sessions
  • Facilitating vendor demos.
  • Analyzing demos, RFP responses and recommending final presentation.
  • Project Management on award of contract.