Document Management System – Businesses need

    The solution gives the company control over managing their documents spread across different geographies on a centralized server. With the complexities in business rising and the volume of information being shared and used increasing, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage and search the documents as and when needed. The Doc Trackor plays a significant role in managing contract papers and documents, employee history sheets and databases, project sheets, drawings control and other business needs.

    Benefits of doc trackor

    • Web-Based Solution. Access anytime from anywhere.
    • Multi folder structure and levels are possible to segregate documents.
    • Categorization of documents is available at every folder level.
    • Document and folder access is controlled through Roles.
    • Folder Permissions can be Inherited.
    • Document statistics available.

    Salient features

    • User-definable folder structure as per Business process needs.
    • Any format of the document (PDF, Word, XL, JPG, JPEG, PNG, DWG, etc.) is supported.
    • Global Document & Folder search available.