Vehicle Tracking System

    A vehicle tracking system enables companies to collect Vehicle Travel Data, and patterns on a granular level providing clients with transparency, analytics, and visibility. With the Vehicle Tracking System businesses can keep a tab on Vehicles in real-time, reducing wasted time & leading to high performance.

    Vehicle tracking system gives management the information that they need to have better control of their Assets and helps them to formulate strategies accordingly.

    Features of Vehicle Tracking System:

    • Live Tracking of the Vehicle.
    • Document Tracking for expiry date like Diving License, Work Permit.
    • Various Alerts on vehicle health and performance are available like Tyre Life Cycle, Average Fuel Consumption, etc.
    • Points Of Interest can be marked along with Geo-Fencing.

    Available Alerts & Notifications:

    • SOS/Emergency Alert
    • Engine On/Off/Overtime
    • Ignition On/Off/Overtime
    • Over speeding
    • Geofence Entry/Exit/Overtime stay
    • Vehicle POC/Insurance/Permit expiry
    • Parking.
    • AC/Temp Controls.
    • Door/Temperature
    • Harsh Breaking
    • Device Power Cut

    Available Reports:

    • All the records received from the device at the periodic interval with Date-Time stamp, addresses, status, and other applicable inputs.
    • Distance traveled by the asset in a time period. Can be fetched for single or multiple assets simultaneously.
    • Record of locations with speed and Date-Time stamp at the over-speeding points.
    • Record of all stoppages with time-duration spent at each stoppage.