Own your Technology – Consulting

    "In dealing with customers, you must understand that there are things they want and things they need."
    --Larry Bernsteins


    We at Tanaashi look at every need of the client with a fresh perspective. We bring our 15+ years of experience on the table to understand and deep dive into the requirements of the clients. These requirements comprises of but are not limited to:

    • ERP Software Impact
      We will evaluate the current processes of the organization, their need and expectations from the system and map it with the ERP that is being used by the company. Based on our interaction, we:

      • Identify the gaps in process being followed by the users and the process implemented in ERP.
      • Document the changes required in ERP or Process so that they are compliant.
      •  Conduct Periodic Audits to check for compliance.
    • Process Policies and SOP
      At times the Organizations are wanting to implement various control areas in their process working so that they are always compliant to the way they are designed to work. Some examples of Control Areas are Physical Security, IT Usage, Logical Security, Backup & recovery etc.Based on the identified control areas, we help organizations:

      • Develop Policies
      • Draft SOP with respect to the Policy
      • Draft and help in Implementation of these SOP
      • Conduct Periodic Audits to check for compliance
    • Program Management
      We offer our services for managing projects using Agile or Waterfall or Hybrid methodology. We use tools like JIRA to manage the Program and set up a framework for monitoring the Progress. We play a neutral role so that right expectations are set between the users and the software development partner so as to keep control on time and costs.