Blossom Kochhar Beauty Product Pvt. Ltd.

    Blossom Kochhar Beauty Product Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading company in beauty product. They are the largest Aromatherapy brand in India. With Over 170 signature aromatherapy based products including skin care, hair care, essential oils and curative oils. They have created a niche in the Cosmetics industry. Their range comprises of honest, aromatherapy skin, hair and wellness products, which have been very carefully researched and blended to have a positive healing effect on the mind, body and soul.

    Concern Area

    • Tracking of RM & FG items on basis of Batch and expiry date.
    • Real time information on Raw Material consumption Vs FG Manufactured.
    • Visibility of stock across the unit.
    • Batch Traceability to Raw Material


    The decision of deciding on Enterprise Trackor, ERP from Tanaashi Technologies Pvt. Ltd, were based on following:

    • To control the excess Inward Material Purchase from Suppliers.
    • Flexible to customize the inventory on basis of Batch No. and Expiry Date.

    The major advantages reaped were:

    • Integrated & real time information flow through the organisation
    • Absolute control on Purchases thru online visibility across departments.
    • Consumption and dispatches on basis of FIFO and Expiry date.
    • Visibility of inventory across the different-different stages.
    • Batch traceability of products.
    • Completely Integrated and scalable information system