Distributor Management System

    Distributor Ordering and Management System enables distributors / Channel to directly place orders to the company’s sales team resulting in smoother communication between distributors and the company while eliminating/minimization of the chances of loss of sales data and misappropriation of Sales discounts.

    A Mobile compliant Portal is provided for the distribution channel for placing their orders and access to sales data related to them.

    This Solution is ideal for Apparel & Footwear Industry and also for the Spare Parts Retail market.

    Challenges faced without Distributor management  are :

    • Long time logs by a sales team in manual data collection.
    • Unavailability of Channel Sales data.
    • Loss of sales due to poor coordination.
    • Misappropriation of Sales, Discount & Scheme Data by Distributors
    • Avoidance of Order Disputes

    Benefits :

    • Streamlined Shipping
    • Better Stock & sales visibility
    • Inventory Replenishment & order management
    • Complete master and price control.
    • Better channel data analytics
    • Multi Brand Invoicing.
    • Seamless ERP/Tally Integration.