Tanaashi strives to achieve customer delight by providing customer centric, Qualitative IT solutions and Services on time by promoting a Quality – in – all – we – do philosophy with total company effort and commitment to continuous improvement by consistently meeting our customer's present and future needs

    At tanaashi, we strive to continuously upgrade our IT Products and Services offerings to the customers through adequate training of our employees, adherence to proven procedures, maintaining an organizational culture that fosters continuous improvement by encouraging new ideas and learning through mistakes. Tanaashi Technologies is a ISO 9001:2015 certified and CMMI Level 3 compliant organisation. We take utmost care in understanding, analysing and documenting the clients requirement. Our endeavour is to maintain a high IQ and KQ of the company. In order to achieve this, we diligently follow processes laid down for Software Development, whether it be a Project for a Customer OR our own Product Development. We perform Verification and Validation activities at various points in the Software Development Life Cycle to ensure that no defects/non-conformances, if any, are passed on to the next phase. The Tanaashi Delivery Process has been aligned to key business practices of Project Management, Software Development, Support and Maintenance, Software Engineering, Testing and Software Implementation.

    Tanaashi's 6 D Architecture for Software Design, Development, Testing & Deployment


    Discover and evolve the Current Business Process, Current MIS, To be Business Process and MIS(gather requirements according to organisation). Actor : Stakeholders / Customers, Tanaashi Management, Solution Architect, Client Project Manager. Result : Functional requirement document.


    Define and evolve the UI Design and system design that describes how the software should look and Behave and keep flexibility to enhance the existing scheme. Actor : Stakeholders / Customers, Project Manager, Business Analysts. Result : Database design document, Architecture document, Input document.


    Design and evolve the internal database design and skeleton of the software. Actor : Architect / Tech Lead, Business Analysts. Result : Database relational diagram / code skeleton, Architecture, Unit tests.


    Develop and evolve the code to create the software / Product and follow all the coding standard. Actor : Developers, Designers, Solution Architect. Result : Developer Document,UI / graphics, Validation, Test cases, Security.


    Debug and evolve the developing system so that errors are prioritized and resolved and includes acceptance testing on priority. Actor : Stakeholders / Customers, QA testers, Business Analysts, Developers and designers. Result : Bug list, Resolved issues list.


    Deliver the evolving software/Product to its home. Actor : Build Managers, Tech Leads, Developers. Result : Deployed application.