DigiSec ERP: ERP made SIMPLE

    A Make-in -India ERP for SMEs which is Supported by Technology Partners like IBM/ Redhat & Oracle. ERP software helps small firms by facilitating easy insight into all activities, enhancing departmental communication, and streamlining business procedures.

    Over the last more than a decade of experience, We have understood the pains of Certain Industry domains like Forging(Closed & Open Die Forging), Die Casting, Apparel & Footwear, Auto Components, etc. An ERP for Forging Industry has to be robust to handle ASTM and ASME Quality Specifications

    The right technology will provide you with measurable cost-saving capabilities while simultaneously helping to optimize your business processes, making them more efficient than ever.

    DigiSec ERP Offers

    DigiSec ERP OffersChoosing DigiSec ERP for your needs is Right because 

    • It seamlessly integrates with in-house CRM, Warranty & Tickets Management, and Machine Management.
    • Provides integration with any 3rd Party Products.
    • It has Plugins for salesforce automation, dealer digitization, and location tracking.
    • It Supports multi-location, multi-currency, and multi-lingual.