ServiceNow: Automating Employee Provisioning Processes

    Imagine that on your first day on the new job you already have your telephone, laptop, employee username/login, phone line and voice mailbox, employee email account, company iPhone, business cards, and name badge. In addition, you already have access to the appropriate databases and user groups. And to top it off—multiple departments across the organization have already been notified of your arrival. This is the ideal scenario for most organizations. As an employer, you want every new hire’s first day to be as reassuring and productive as possible.

    Problem Statement

    • Currently, the Resource Onboarding / Off-boarding process happens from the HR portal and goes through multiple for approval and task execution.
    • Absence of automation in approval, task assignment process, and integrations.
    • All communication depends on HR’s availability
    • Absence of governance due to the task being captured and tracked across multiple tools.
    • The user is not notified about the status of his case/ticket
    • No specific Service level management
    • No automation in Virtual Machine (VM) provision/de-provisioning.


    • Using ServiceNow –Service Catalog for initiating employee on or off-boarding request
    • Analyzing current resource On-boarding and Off-boarding process and re-engineering process to leverage automation
    • Request fulfillment process will be built into the ServiceNow workflow (orchestration)
    • ServiceNow will govern the Approval and Task assignment to different teams as per process
    • Using integration, we can register user into various other systems like Workday, Email Exchange, CA-PPM, Salesforce, SCCM, ServiceNow etc.
    • Provision of physical or virtual machine will be initiated in SNOW
    • Requester and HR can check request status in ServiceNow