ServiceNow: CSM Modernization from Legacy System

    IDS 2.0 (Integrated Dealer Support 2.0) was launched in 2021 as part of the “Future Retail” initiative to organize and standardize support for the Auto dealer organization internationally and across the board using the platform of platform i.e. ServiceNow.

    IDS 2.0 is used by ABC Dealers, Employees, and Third-Party Vendors to support Auto Dealer organizations worldwide. They use this platform to raise issues/problems related to 17 different business topics (e.g. Parts, Warranty, Sales Systems, Marketing,..)


    • User: 60.000 dealer and subsidiary employees, Supports 15 Languages (German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai))
    • Worldwide live in all ABC markets (national sales companies and importers)User-friendly Case creation and management in IDS 2.0
    • All incoming requests are bundled at a central contact point, Contact via Web Tickets or Phone
    • Intelligent Solution Database, Dealer Support will be easier, more structured, and more efficient
    • No time-consuming search for the correct contact person for Dealer’s
    • Competent assistance, Simple ticketing mask, and easy selection of business fields (Avoiding misrouting)

    Key Benefits:

    • No misdirected, lost, or repeated inquiries
    • Complete documentation and full transparency
    • Clear Structures
    • Avoidance of too many contact persons

    Value Delivered:

    • Increased Dealer and Customer Satisfaction
    • Efficiency increase at the NSC Level by 15 % and higher cost efficiency
    • Dealer satisfaction is measured regularly