Super Polymers Pvt. Ltd.

    Super Polymers is the flagship company which marked the beginning of the GSV Group. With over 25 years of rich experience in the automotive industry. Super Polymer is moving progressively on its path of becoming world class manufacturer of Moulded and Extruded Rubber & Plastic parts for Automotive OEM around the globe.

    Concern Area

    • Raw material and Compound consumption as per Expiry dates.
    • Lack of real time data sharing within departments.
    • Tracking of Work Order.
    • Visibility of stock across the unit.


    The decision of deciding on Enterprise Trackor, ERP from Tanaashi Technologies Pvt. Ltd, were based on following:

    • Integrated and remotely accessed software and
    • Easily customizable as per their specific requirements.

    The major advantages reaped were:

    • Completely Integrated and scalable information system.
    • Production & Planning Controls.
    • BOM & Routing tagged with Machines and manpower to facilitate the Production.
    • Consolidated MIS.
    • Real time data access.
    • Consumption of Raw Material and Compound as per FIFO.