News & Updates

      December 2021

    • DigiSec ERP added support for Multi languages to make it easy for users to operate in their own language.
    • Task Trackor added Organization Happiness Quadrant. With the help of strong ML-based algorithms, we are able to plot employees on a Gartner Quadrant with respect to their ability to engage with their tasks

      November 2021

    • We added a new feature to our Sales Trackor – Google Map Integration. This integration now provides ability to Geo-code channel locations and track their field sales team

      October 2021

    • We added a new product to our catalogue – “Record Management System” (RMS): A product that facilitates the Management of Records in a warehouse and helps track their movement. 
    • Offline Data Functionality: The Mobile app will be able to perform its functionality even in absence of the internet and Sync with the main ERP.

      September 2021

    • Tanaashi Technologies recognized as one of the “10 most Recommended ERP Solution Providers- 2021” by CIO Insider.
    • Tanaashi launches Vehicle Tracking system to enable transparency and analysis for employee vehicles.

      August 2021

    • Industrial spares and products wholesaler, Quality Spares International, entrusts Tanaashi Technologies for their digitization.
    • Tanaashi Celebrates Foundation Day to commemorate a decade of Hard work & Success.

      July 2021

    • Tanaashi bags an order from African Food Processing Company, UAC Foods.
    • Tanaashi launches a Distributor Ordering System solution that enables distributors to place orders directly to the sales team.

      June 2021

    Tanaashi launches a Salesforce Automation solution to manage the sales teams in the field.

      May 2021

    • Food processing company AMBIC Foods embraces Tanaashi Technologies as their digital partner.

      April 2021

    • Service Complaint Management added to manage Warranty and out of Warranty complaints.
    • Automation company ABB entrusted Tanaashi Technologies for commencing their digital journey.

      January 2021

    • Task Trackor, a Product offering from Tanaashi, was launched with a view to help the businesses in managing their work and draw insights from them. 
    • DigiSec ERP was enhanced to incorporate the E-invoicing and other GST compliances. Now the ERP users can seamlessly generate E- invoices from the GST Network of the GOI

      December 2020

    • Added API integration with SAP / Infor/ MS Dynamics using Mobilor Platform.

      July 2020

    • Leading Publishing house in NCR enhances Production activities thru enterprise trackor.

      February 2020

    Existing car seat manufacturer enhances operations at multiple locations by integrating enterprise trackor with online market places like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

      January 2020

    Existing client manufacturing Power Cords, Wire Harness and Transformers & Choke Coils enhances Production activities thru enterprise trackor.

      November 2019

    • The forging company goes live on enterprise trackor

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